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About us

Imperial Tobacco Canada is Canada’s leading tobacco company.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco. British American Tobacco p.l.c. is the world’s most international tobacco group, with more than 55,000 employees worldwide.

Our mission is to satisfy adult consumers moments in tobacco and beyond and to compete successfully for market share in any segment we enter, by satisfying adult smoker preferences better than the competition. This will be done in a manner that is profitable, socially responsible, sustainable and creates value for the company.

Imperial Tobacco Canada is part of a truly global organization operating in a diverse and highly competitive market. We are committed to operating a sustainable business while maintaining our position as Canada’s leading tobacco company.

We employ about 450 people across the country. They work in our sales offices and at our Montreal office. We are proud to distribute our high-quality products to over 29,000 retailers throughout Canada.